A funny website: Wheresjobs.com

17 12 2010

Haha! Some time ago, I found a  pretty funny website called: Wheresjobs.com

The link: http://Wheresjobs.com

It’s great. There are a lot of pictures. It’s like ‘Find Wally or Waldo’, but this time, you’ll have to find Steve Jobs.


Apple holding ‘Back to the Mac’ event on the 20th October. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?

13 10 2010

As Engadget says, Apple is gong to hold a media event the 20th of October and they will unveil Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
It is not confirmes that Steve Jobs will be there, but we hope so.

Mac OS X 10.7 leaked (maybe) [Updated]

27 07 2010

(We beleive) a very trustful source working at Apple Inc  has communicated to some blogs all over the internet that Mac OS X 10.7 is going to be unveiled late this summer.



In autumn or late summer 2010 Mac OS X 10.7 will be presented by Steve Jobs. New interface (like Quicktime X’s) and some speed improvements.

We hope these aren’t the only improvements. He said nothing about the cloud, but we can always hope… We expected other things in an older post.

What do you think of the name? Lion? Liger?

Well… We’ll see if this rumor is true.

UPDATE: Steve Jobs replied to an email from a blogger asking if this rumor was true. His answer was very direct: Nope.” Do you think Steve Jobs is just trying to distract us or is it true? We’re still waiting…

Apple’s iProducts are not private any more!

28 06 2010


The U.S. Congress has requested an explanation for the changes Apple has made in its privacy policy regarding the geolocation information as IPAD and iPhone products. Now users have to accept that Apple uses its location information if they want to enjoy all the benefits of their devices. 

In a letter sent on 24 June to two congressmen Steve Jobs echoed the concerns of some media about their new privacy policy, including the admission that Apple may collect and share geographic data users . If users disagree with this policy and do not accept this update of the document can not use some features of the products. Although the information is collected anonymously, the fact is that you can use to identify users based on their behavior patterns. 

That is why Steve Jobs asking him to answer a few questions related to the frequency of data collection, the amount of users which collect such data storage procedures used and who are the ‘partners and licensees ‘with which Apple may share this information. The document, signed by two congressmen, calls Steve Jobs a response by July 12.stevelaughing.jpg

Photo: Steve Jobs laughing at you with his brand-new iPhone 4

iOS 4 Now available for download

27 06 2010

You can download the new Apple operating system IOS 4 for the iPhone (3G, 3G and 4G) and iPod Touch than the first generation. However, not all functions of the system serve all models. Multitasking may not be enjoyed in the iPhone 3G. To download, you have to connect to iTunes, in its updated version 9.2, and connect the phone to the computer.

iOS 4 Capacities

iOS 4

The new system allows you to organize applications in folders with a simple drag and thus access to Favourite faster. There are about 2160 applications.

A single inbox allows control of the accounts. Incorporates iBooks and lets you create playlists directly on the iPhone.

A five-zoom increases given the option to approach the images and while recording a video, the touch screen, you can choose where you want to focus the lens. It also improves the storage and cataloging of pictures. Other improvements include a dictionary with automatic correction and support for wireless keyboards.

Jobs introduced the new iPhone 4 in April earlier this month. This week will reach the U.S. market.

Steve Jobs’s emails

27 06 2010

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, doesn’t often answer emails from his customers but when he does his replies are short and blunt. – That’s what telegraph.co.uk says.

Yes, It’s true, he replies. Maybe It’s his secretary, but… isn’t it COOL? Steve Jobs’s email addresses are: sjobs@apple.com, steve@mac.com and steve@me.com.

Try it, but a reply is very unlikely.heiljobs.jpgSome emails that he replied to:

1. “No.”
Asked whether the forthcoming iPad would support ‘tethering’ to an iPhone, which would allow customers to use the iPhone as a modem for their iPad.

2. “Not to worry.”
In response to a customer who wrote to express his disappointment that Apple has not updated its MacBook Pro and Mac Pro range of computers for a while.

3. “Change your app’s name. Not that big of a deal.”
Replying to John Devor, whose company, The Little App Factory, made a product called iPodRip. Apple’s lawyers asked him to stop using iPod in the name of his app because it’s an Apple trademark. He gotlittle sympathy when he emailed to tell Steve Jobs of the situation. iPodRip is now called iRip.

4. “This is what happens when your MacBook Pro sustains water damage.They are pro machines and they don’t like water. It sounds like you’re just looking for someone to get mad at other than yourself.”
Jobs offers a slightly more comprehensive response to a customer who wrote to complain that Apple wanted him to pay just to see whether it would be possible to repair his water-damaged laptop.

5. “No but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.”

Jobs can’t resist a dig at Google in reply to a customer who asked whether the iPad would support Google’s Picasa library format.



Steve Jobs’s pancreas. Help to the cause!

27 06 2010

I’m sure you heard that some time ago…the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said in an email to employees that had been operated because he had pancreas cancer. “This Weekend -said he- I made an operation to remove a cancerous tumor from my pancreas” could be read on an email of his. “

Well, now, we all can help people like Mr. Jobs by clicking on the widget on the right side of this blog. You just have to answer to some questions and you’re helping them. Isn’t it great?NewImage.jpg