Apple’s iProducts are not private any more!

28 06 2010


The U.S. Congress has requested an explanation for the changes Apple has made in its privacy policy regarding the geolocation information as IPAD and iPhone products. Now users have to accept that Apple uses its location information if they want to enjoy all the benefits of their devices. 

In a letter sent on 24 June to two congressmen Steve Jobs echoed the concerns of some media about their new privacy policy, including the admission that Apple may collect and share geographic data users . If users disagree with this policy and do not accept this update of the document can not use some features of the products. Although the information is collected anonymously, the fact is that you can use to identify users based on their behavior patterns. 

That is why Steve Jobs asking him to answer a few questions related to the frequency of data collection, the amount of users which collect such data storage procedures used and who are the ‘partners and licensees ‘with which Apple may share this information. The document, signed by two congressmen, calls Steve Jobs a response by July 12.stevelaughing.jpg

Photo: Steve Jobs laughing at you with his brand-new iPhone 4


Steve Jobs’s emails

27 06 2010

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, doesn’t often answer emails from his customers but when he does his replies are short and blunt. – That’s what says.

Yes, It’s true, he replies. Maybe It’s his secretary, but… isn’t it COOL? Steve Jobs’s email addresses are:, and

Try it, but a reply is very unlikely.heiljobs.jpgSome emails that he replied to:

1. “No.”
Asked whether the forthcoming iPad would support ‘tethering’ to an iPhone, which would allow customers to use the iPhone as a modem for their iPad.

2. “Not to worry.”
In response to a customer who wrote to express his disappointment that Apple has not updated its MacBook Pro and Mac Pro range of computers for a while.

3. “Change your app’s name. Not that big of a deal.”
Replying to John Devor, whose company, The Little App Factory, made a product called iPodRip. Apple’s lawyers asked him to stop using iPod in the name of his app because it’s an Apple trademark. He gotlittle sympathy when he emailed to tell Steve Jobs of the situation. iPodRip is now called iRip.

4. “This is what happens when your MacBook Pro sustains water damage.They are pro machines and they don’t like water. It sounds like you’re just looking for someone to get mad at other than yourself.”
Jobs offers a slightly more comprehensive response to a customer who wrote to complain that Apple wanted him to pay just to see whether it would be possible to repair his water-damaged laptop.

5. “No but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.”

Jobs can’t resist a dig at Google in reply to a customer who asked whether the iPad would support Google’s Picasa library format.



Steve Jobs’s pancreas. Help to the cause!

27 06 2010

I’m sure you heard that some time ago…the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said in an email to employees that had been operated because he had pancreas cancer. “This Weekend -said he- I made an operation to remove a cancerous tumor from my pancreas” could be read on an email of his. “

Well, now, we all can help people like Mr. Jobs by clicking on the widget on the right side of this blog. You just have to answer to some questions and you’re helping them. Isn’t it great?NewImage.jpg

Mac OS X 10.7 What’s next, Apple?

27 06 2010


After reviewing the various versions of Apple’s operating system since its inception to the present as a special on the history of Mac OS X, it seemed a good idea to say goodbye to the grand finale which is turn our gaze to the future, the next version again to dot the i’s after that revision meant that renewal Snow Leopard. 

Some time ago we know that Apple is working on Mac OS X 10.7 on the foundations that put Snow Leopard “for thousands of additional capacity,” he said at the time Bertrand Serlet, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple. 

“In our constant effort to provide the best user experience, we have operated the pause button on new features to focus on perfecting the most advanced operating system in the world” – June 2008

Well, these are our expectatives…

1. Unified interface. Given Steve Jobs’s obsession to detail is quite amazing how many inconsistencies that exist in Mac OS X. interface Just have to open Safari, iTunes, iPhoto and Finder to the differences hit you in the face so I would describe as very likely to see as the style of Vista Battery quickly and spread to the rest of the system. 
2. Finder with vitamins, smart collections and tags as an alternative to the hierarchical file system. We took him to demand more time since I can remember but if Snow Leopard has given us a Finder re-written from scratch in Cocoa, the Mac file manager still needs an update of the epoch-making. Did you say eyelashes? “Native support for NTFS writing and adoption of once and for all ZFS file system? On the issue of smart collections and labels, Spotlight was a first step in this direction but there is much ground to gain before we move beyond the analogy of the files and folders to make way for something more organic that gives access toinformation in a more efficient, fast and comfortable. 
3. Spotlight squared. Search system introduced in Tiger was a revolution, but since then, has worsened instead of improving with each new version clumsy and becoming more user friendly.Again, there is much in it to improve, starting with such basic details as support the Quick View option. 
4. Stacks back to their origins. When Jobs first introduced this feature at WWDC 2007 was slightly different from its operation finally came to our desks, allowing groups to drag files directly to the Dock to create a stack. We, or at least I want this back … and for that matter, with new features like being able to create stacks with smart folders or, again, Quick Look support. 
5. More multitouch gestures. Both the Magic Mouse and the multitouch trackpad on the Macbook and Macbook Pro have opened the door to move the iPhone user experience and to IPAD his older brothers. We may never see an iMac or a Macbook multitouch (I can think of many reasons for and against this) but that does not mean that the list of gestures available globally throughout the system to grow and settle a altogether. 
6. Despite the Mac store Jobs refusal to raise the controversy this idea believe it would be a very smart move. You just have to see the success they are having different Apple stores (iTunes, App Store and iBookstore) to imagine what could make a showcase of the applications available for Mac OS X. Obviously, we should continue being able to download and install applications using traditional channels, but this catalog would definitely help consolidate the Mac ecosystem also offering a centralized location from which to manage updates, payments, recommendations … 
7. New Front Row and support DNLA. Although the price of the new Mac mini can take a lot of people back, the truth is that the toddler is still the perfect match for the living room of the house. Plex is fantastic and meets hundred percent function make the team in the final media center but I would love to see Apple facing down a new version of Front Row’s most advanced and intuitive. On the other hand, can not understand the lack of support DNLA, a true source of headaches despite existing solutions to share the contents of our team with other devices such as television and next-generation consoles. 
8. MobileMe and integration for all other services in the cloud. It would be great to see further improved integration between cloud services and the Apple operating system while making further efforts to popularize them (I can think of offering a free subscription to many of the existing functions compared to other premium with advanced services such as online backup).If beyond it will provide mechanisms for sharing our videos on Youtube (or service provided) with a simple click, the photos on Flickr (idem), our appointments or anniversaries on Facebook, what we are watching or listening to on Twitter … and would a dream (or nightmare depending on who you ask). 
9. iChat with FaceTime. It appears that the operation of FaceTime is completely foreign to phone numbers, devices and connection methods so it is very likely to be technically possible to make video calls between users walking down the street with his iPhone in April and another sitting comfortably at his iMac. I would be surprised not to see this feature in the upcoming Mac OS X. 
10. Synchronization, and wireless integration with iOS 4. Imagine that you are writing a document in Pages with your iMac and want to complete the review from the comfort of your couch with your iPad you copy the file in the iPad icon on the desktop and ready, as soon you power on the tablet that will detect the application through Wi-Fi home network (or even taking it even further, remotely) and download it so we can continue where we left off without any problems.The applications are endless: syncing iTunes library, summarizing a video from the point where we left off … and that this can happen some photos to the iPad or dragging our friend’s iPhone finger-style Minority Report as if they were windows to the same system?
When will it be available?

Tiger was announced in May 2004 and was released in April 2005, Leopard was launched in June 2006 before being released in October 2007, and Snow Leopard continued the tradition presented in June 2008 and released in August 2009. Following this scheme, we should already have received news of the new Mac OS X but it seems that efforts to IOS 4 could cause delays in the regular schedule. Despite this, I have a feeling we’ve heard before the end of the year and do not say farewell Brand 2011 operating system. 

And now it’s up to you. What do you expect x 10.7 Mac OS? What do you think of the name? Which cat will it be?

iPhone 4 problems

27 06 2010

It happened with the original iPhone, then with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, also with the IPAD and now comes the turn of the iPhone 4. The truth is that every release of Apple’s products is inevitably accompanied by complaints from users whose units have some problems arising from the assembly line or of an overall design. The question in all these cases, as argued in any market study, is that only will come out negative cases … since they are the ones that move us to search (or force) solutions, and pose an outlet for frustration, something totally understandable considering how it must feel who has invested hundreds of dollars on a product that has been looking forward to for so long and, once in their hands, does not meet the expectations expected. 
Anyway, these seem to be the main weaknesses of the new iPhone 4. Some of them with a solution, other are simply more or less serious according to the person using the device and how to use it: 

The volume buttons, unlike
The rush is never good counselors and this is what seems to have happened in the iPhone assembly line in April, since it seems that some units have the volume adjustment buttons mounted upside down. 

Ie, labeling as “-” takes up the volume, while the button labeled “+” will reduce the sound.“Solution? Simply apply for replacement by another … or live with it. It all depends on what each one requires money paid for the iPhone 4. 

Yellow screens
Some displays seem to yellowish spots in certain areas of the screen. There seems to be nothing serious and, in fact, it is also something about the rush on the assembly line. One of the products used in the manufacture of the screen requires a certain amount of time for proper evaporation. With a bit of use for a few days, experts indicate that the problem be solved without more. 

No coverage
What appears to be the most serious of all problems is related to the fact that Apple has used in its design the casing as an antenna, so that depending on how you hold the phone can you run out of full coverage conversation. They have come to light some videos showing the problem, but it is also true that many users are not experiencing (most perhaps?). Watch this:

In any case, it is rumored that is an issue that can be solved by a software update operating system (IOS 4.0.1) and in fact could be published next week. 

For those who really are a severe problem of coverage Apple’s CEO (Steve Jobs) provides you with another solution: use a case or hold it “another way”.

And apple released iPhone 4…

27 06 2010

Hi, this is appletackle, the admin of this blog, and I think I’m starting blogging about this…


After weeks filled with rumors, leaks and uncertainty, the iPhone 4 has finally seen the light. As expected, Steve Jobs introduced at Apple’s WWDC10 keynote, where he also announced the different release dates around the world on June 24 will be released in the United States, France, Germany, UK and Japan, in arrive in Spain in July. The iPhone 4, which is 24 mm thinner than its predecessor, has stainless steel housing, resistant glass screen scratched and integrated antennas. One of the new phone features is the so-called Retina display: the pixel density is multiplied by four, resulting in 326 pixels per inch (the human eye perceives only 300). The screen, 3.5 inches, features a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. Other new features of the iPhone 4 is, as expected, the appearance of a front camera, besides the traditional. The cameras, 5 megapixel, able to record video in HD. The video can be edited on the phone through the integration of iMovie for iPhone. The front camera is what allows one of the great innovations of the phone: video calling. “I grew up watching Star Trek,” Jobs confessed, “and dreaming of video calls.” This new functionality, which have called Face Time, will only be possible, for now, with wireless connectivity. The iPhone 4, whose battery has been extended to 300 hours in stand-by (7 hours of talk time via 3G), will cost $ 199 (166 euros) in its version of 16GB, 299 (250 euros) in its 32GB version.AT & T and you can get both black and white. The presentation of the Apple CEO did not lack the technical problems due to the saturation of wifi or indirect references to the pictures had been leaked on the phone. “There is much more than what meets the eye,” he said Jobs at an event that in the end, did not attend or Steve Ballmer or Lady Gaga. Also was expected the introduction to a new FREE MobileMe and a new streaming iTunes, but that didn’t happen.