Mac OS X 10.7 leaked (maybe) [Updated]

27 07 2010

(We beleive) a very trustful source working at Apple Inc  has communicated to some blogs all over the internet that Mac OS X 10.7 is going to be unveiled late this summer.



In autumn or late summer 2010 Mac OS X 10.7 will be presented by Steve Jobs. New interface (like Quicktime X’s) and some speed improvements.

We hope these aren’t the only improvements. He said nothing about the cloud, but we can always hope… We expected other things in an older post.

What do you think of the name? Lion? Liger?

Well… We’ll see if this rumor is true.

UPDATE: Steve Jobs replied to an email from a blogger asking if this rumor was true. His answer was very direct: Nope.” Do you think Steve Jobs is just trying to distract us or is it true? We’re still waiting…




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